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Canopies & renewable energies for building industry

2ES, tailor-made, aesthetics and robust solutions


Design, realisation and installation of renewable energy systems for building integration. The company adresses the photovoltaic and thermal solar technologies. 2ES is established as a key player on the building integrated photovoltaic canopies market.


2ES offers solutions to integrate the whole range of renewable energies in order to enhance building energy performances. However, 2ES decided to highlight its expertise in photovoltaic canopies (flagship product) and the placing on the market of its brand new solar kiosk Kiosun. The company also created aluminium structures with an innovative technology for solar panels.


  • Photovoltaic glass canopy design and realisation for building


  • Solar thermal solutions, “controlled solar thermal ®” unique technology owner


  • Renewable energy equipment of high mountain refuges


  • Development of a new Solar kiosk concept : unique solution on the market




2ES has been present in the renewable energy sector for over 20 years where she demonstrates that it is possible to combine aesthetic and sustainable development. Its development is based on a continuous innovation process leading to numerous emblematic projects. The final result is an high-tech product as an integral part of the building


Every system is unique, always close to the customer needs. 2ES solutions can adapt to every design and architectural requirement and can be of any form : curved, pyramid-like or flat.


curved photovoltaic canopies photovoltaic canopies pyramid-like large size canopies
curved photovoltaic canopies
pyramidal photovoltaic canopies
large size photovoltaic canopies




The company is based at Le Versoud near Grenoble in 1000 m² premises. 2ES has a research and development department, a design office, a manufacturing workshop and an installation team with a vehicle fleet suited to any building site configuration.

2ES assists you all along your project.



canopies modelization         digitally controled machines photovoltaic canopies installation
design realization installation




The 2ES product and installation outstanding quality is made possible thanks to :


  • a close collaboration with architects and the different profession corps


  • a good understanding of customer requirements, innovation at the design stage,


  • an expertise in building and solar technologies constraints.




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