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Photovoltaic Canopy : An infinity of Haute Couture designs


“Haute couture” photovoltaic canopy for eaves, passageway, atrium, sun blinds, …



2ES provides aesthetic and functional photovoltaic canopies for different places : building projects, hotels restaurants, resorts, spa, exceptional places.


The 2ES photovoltaic canopy can fit to any architectural project. It gives an aesthetic and technological additional value to the building and procures pleasant living place for the residents.


Our solution is high-tech product as an integral part of the building which combines aesthetic and sustainable development.


  • construction of new buildings, building rehabilitation, exterior fittings, covered area on a terrace


  • create spaces for life including visual and thermal comfort, semitransparent glass eaves that filter some of the sun radiation laeding to the facade protection and the welfare of the occupants.


  • Our photovoltaic canopy produces about 150 kWh per year and per square meter in France. One can chose the way to use the produced electricity : auto-consumption or sale.


2ES has developed expertise in the field of photovoltaic canopy design and realization for over 20 years. Many projects for emblematic buildings have been achieved with a real customer satisfaction. Projects take place in France or abroad

In that respect, 2ES has developed unique technical integration solutions and has patented an ingenious system based on aluminium profiles that can fit to any building configuration. Also, the 2ES photovoltaic canopies can realized in a multitude of forms  : flat, pyramid-like, curved, large-sized, in vertical position etc. Furthermore, it can integrate silkscreen on glass.Thanks to all of it each canopy realization is unique and original.


2ES has also developed in partnership with an European manufacturer, semi-transparent aesthetic and high-performing photovoltaic panels.




Some achievements


Integration of photovoltaic canopies on company restaurants, office building, malls, museums, …


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curved photovoltaic canopypyramidal photovoltaic canopy large size photovoltaic canopy

sun-blind photovoltaic canopy photovoltaic canopy with repeatable grid semi-transparent photovoltaic canopy on mall aisles



Some projects for hotels, restaurants, spa, …


photovoltaic canopy photovoltaic canopyphotovoltaic canopy photovoltaic canopy photovoltaic canopy  



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