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13/12 – Participation in the European program EU Gateway in South Korea


13/12 – Installation of 3 Photovoltaic canopies with silk-screen on glass and LEDs for Schneider Electric, France


13/12 – Participation in the trade fair Photovoltaïca in Casablanca, Morocco


13/12 – Installation of a photovotaic canopy on the building Les Thermes de Dax designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel


26/01/2017 – Work progress for our new construction site : Les Thermes de Jean Nouvel


27/04/2017 – Inaugural night of the new building : Les Thermes de Jean Nouvel


05/05/2017 – Implantation of LEDs on a photovoltaic canopy for Schneider Electric


21/07/2017 -Video of our photovoltaic canopy on the spa Thermes de Jean Nouvel


25/11/2017 – Second video of our canopy from the spa Thermes of Jean Nouvel