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Inaugural night of the new building : Les Thermes de Jean Nouvel

The spa resort ” Les Thermes de jean Nouvel” was inaugurated on 11 March 2017 after more than 4 years of closure and 5 months of work.


The thermal baths resort developed in 1992 by jean Nouvel was renovated and has an accomodation facilities of more than 3 000 people a year.


The companies which have took part in the works were invited to the inaugural as well as the local elected representatives such as, among others, the Mayor of the city of dax and the sub-prefect


Our company which realized the photovoltaic canopy  on the roof of the building was also present in this event. The electricity generated by the installation will be complety consumed by the the health resort.


You can find below some photos taken the day of the inaugural of the place