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Photovoltaic systems on isolated sites – High mountain refuges


Challenging work sites in complex environment – High mountain refuges


 2ES has been working from the beginning on the integration of renewable energies in remote locations like high mountain refuges. Over time 2ES  developed a real expertise in this area. Refuges can be autonomous in energy production thanks to our sophisticated photovoltaic and thermal equipments.

2ES has equiped successfully very high mountain refuges such as the symbolic Refuge du Goûter ( highest refuge of Europe with an altitude of 3 800 m)

Supply by helicopter require to answer to very specific problems.Besides a rigorous sizing of the installation, the preparation of  sites construction must be meticulous because of the difficulty of  access and the precarious interventions



2ES benefits from a recognized expertise in these kind of work sites that require :


  • a precise and rigorous installation definition and sizing for autonomous system


  • a meticulous preparation due to difficult access to the site


  • supply by helicopter may result in a material specific design for air transportation



Below you can see some examples of 2Es installations in mountain refuges




 Photovoltaic systems on isolated sites – High mountain Refuges –  Pictures of installations


mountain refuges : le refuge du Gouter mountain refuges : pic blanc
Le refuge du Goûter – alt. 3817 m
photovoltaic power : 2400 Wp
Relais du Pic Blanc – alt. 3330 m
photvoltaic power : 2400 Wp


mountain refugesexemple d'installation en refuges  
exemple de refuges : les conscrits
Le refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme – alt. 2443 m
photovoltaic power : 2200 W
Le Refuge des Conscrits – alt. 2500 m
photovoltaic power : 1400 Wp



 exemple d'installation en refuges : pecletsolaire en site isolé. exemple de refuges : refuge des peclet
Le Refuge de Peclet Polset – alt. 2474 m
1200 Wp of photvoltaics & 36 m² of solar collectors

Le Refuge des Logis des fées – alt. 1850 m










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