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A 1000 m² manufacturing workshop equipped with accurate industrial tools


 The company 2ES has a workshop of 1000 m² in which it manufactures aluminium profiles and photovoltaic panels. Its knwowledge and its skills allow 2es to manufacture products of quality, resistant, made to measure and adapted for all project and for all architectural configuration.


CNC machines for milling and cutting (aluminium and glass) as for its profiles, for example


Clamping and welding precision table : positioning, wedging and soldering of precision in 3D


MIG (metal inert gas) semi-automatic welding machine : Rise of temperature in the melting point by the use of an electric arc and protection of the zone of soldering under inert gas ( Argon). The results are precise soldering operations.


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 Cnc machines and clamping table


2ES is the owner of every single manufacturing process step


  • aluminium profiles production field: ingenious fixation systems of variable geometry  for all building configuration


  • seals manufacturing process in collaboration with an industrial partner


  • plastic injection molds for connexion box production of photovoltaic panels


All this allow 2ES  to have a total control of the stages of fabrication, a better quality for its products and to have a protection against competition