Building integrated renewable energies
Design and execution of outstanding projects

Company 2ES at a glance


2ES Company


Founded in 1993 by Jean-Robert Denche, still managing director of the company.


2ES has 1000 square meters premises located in Le Versoud nearby Grenoble in the French Alps, and its own resources in :


  • R&D : design, development, prototyping, patent filling


  • Engineering : calculation, sizing, 3D modelization, systems qualification in real conditions


  • Manufacturing : CNC machines, soldering equipment, …


  • Installation : a fleet of vehicles and tools suitable to any work site configuration


2es-le-versoud atelier-2es-le-versoud CN-alu-2es-le-versoud


A little bit of History…


Company still ahead of its time, 2ES has worked since its startup in 1993 on thermal engineering and renewable energies (photovoltaic and thermal solar), in particular on the equipment of remote sites.


As its involvement in the renewable energy sector became stronger and stronger, 2ES has gained a foothold in big building projects, by specializing in integration of photovoltaic and thermal solar installations.


2ES has always attempted to go further with the architectural integration of renewable energies. This applies to technical and aesthetic aspects.


Today, thanks to its advances, 2ES is considered as a reference in terms of semitransparent photovoltaic canopy with French, recyclable and quality components.