Building integrated renewable energies
Design and execution of outstanding projects

Study and Design


Expertise in building and solar technologies constraints


 2ES have the necessary skills and tools for the technical study of projects


♦  Design of subassemblies


2ES designs the set of features or elements that make aesthetic and technical integration of the 2ES products in any kind of work. The constant innovation process ensures the continuous improvement of products. The innovations are covered by patents.


Design focuses in particular in the development of a range of aluminium profiles, the definition of plastic injection molds for connexion box, photovoltaic panels specifications and tempered glass panel bending process.


♦  Design and 3D modeling


Source of proposal for architects and building trades, 2ES has got in house :


  • a team of designer within its bureau of studies


  • 3D CAD tools : SolidWorks, SketchUp


  • A FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printer



maquette-kiosun-imprimante -3D                                         abris-photovoltaique


 2ES, au fil de vos idées…





♦  Sizing and calculations


  • Technical structural calculations, mechanical behaviour under weather conditions and harsh elements


  • Control of materials expansion related to temperature fluctuations and control of sealing performance even foe 3D structures as pyramid-like structure.


  • Control of the storm water runoff and control of water condensation phenomena. Protection of electrical connectors.


  • Photovoltaic and thermal solar installation sizing, production simulation, electrical single line diagram.

calcul déformation dilatation matériaux  schéma PV
deformation calculation
relative expansion
PV sizing
single-line electrical diagrams