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Solar Kiosk – Kiosun ® – Unique on the market


The solar-powered kiosk : a convivial, sheltered, aesthetic and productive space



In order to meet the particular demands of local communities, hotels, restaurants, … 2ES has designed and produced Kiosun ®, a 50 m² solar kiosk, self-sufficient in energy and unique on the market. It can fit to many places and to various applications : stand-alone power supply or grid connected. The Kiosun is convinient and aesthetic


The glass canopy (dome) is curved and equipped with photovoltaic panels. This technology is today unique on the market.

The development of the Kiosun has been rewarded : first prize of Inovation of  CMA French Institute : “Artinov’ 2000”.



kiosun-le-versoud kiosun soalr kiosk by night kiosun kiosk dome
Kiosun® by day
Kiosun® by night
  Kiosun® dome





The dome of the solar kiosk is made up of a semi-transparent canopy that produces electricity. This curved canopy which is unique on the market consists on :


  • Sunergy glass filtering part of the solar radiation in order to provide an enhanced thermal protection for a better confort,


  • photovoltaic panels providing a total power of 3600 Wc. The panel connection is designed in order to maximize the energy production over the year.


click on this icon to download the technical description  icone-pdf



Kiosun can integrate several options :



  • Number of legs : 1 central leg, 2 lateral legs, 4 straight legs


  • Shape of the dome : circular, octagonal, in petal shape


  • Partial or complete closure of the kiosk


  • Floor integration


  • Led lighting


  • Wifi


  • Electric charging point for electric devices (mobiles, electric cars)…              


  • Fully equipped bar, including refrigerator


  • Silkscreen on glass : picture, logo


  • Tinted glass for heat regulation


  • Rainwater harvesting system.



The Kiosun can be installed on a public place, on a hotel terrace, by a lake, on a beach, in a ski resort, or wherever you can imagine….




Some projects of the solar kiosk –  Kiosun® setting up


Kiosun for pool solar kiosk for ski station
Kiosun for hotel



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