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Installation of 3 Photovoltaic canopies with screen-printing on glass and LEDs for Schneider Electric, France

The company 2ES-Energies Economies Systèmes was choosen to make an installation on the new construction site of the worldwide firm Schneider Electric “Technopôle” . The building site takes place in Grenoble, France.


Technopole facade-verriere1 facade-verriere2


GA Smartbuilding and Schneider Electric with 2ES worked in the past ( For example, the canopy construction on the restaurant Equinoxe in Eybens, France which you can find on the site) have once again asserted their trust in 2ES for the realization of an original and innovative project.


2ES hast just finished the installation of 3 photovoltaic canopies oriented vertically with screen-printing on glass and which are completely integrated into the building. These canopies have LEDs which will spread various lights on the canopies at night and which will highlight their silk-screen on glass.


Thanks to their screen-printing on glass and their LEDs our customized and innovative canopies add an aesthetic touch to the building.


For this realization, 2ES has worked on 3 axes: the heat control to optimize the thermal comfort in summer; the luminosity in offices to maximize the well-being of the staff in winter and the design to create an impression of movement by the arrangement of the panels and the photovoltaic cells.


The global power of these 3 canopies is of 60 kWp.


The installation began in June 2016 and it has just finished in December 2016.